Delicious First anniversary!!! FREE CAMIKS AT THE MAIN STORE

De Specials

We want to celebrate it with you, as it has been you, our customers who have made this'S A LITTLE THANK YOU FOR YOU ALL!!
Pass by our mainstore in Second LIfe and pick up this camisk for free, it will be there for just two weeks, so do not leave it for later.
This special edition camisk comes only in light blue, as shown on the picture, but provides you with two versions, PG and ADULT, cause you have the right to show your beauty when or to whom ever you want...or not.

Welcome to our Blog

Dear customer and friend we have posted our designs on this blog to give you access to our creations at anytime, whether you are logged into SL or not.

Find in the different entries pictures and descriptions of our camisks, dresses, outfits or accessories, check our newest releases and keep informed about sales, special events, gifts and other news from your Delicious Main Store.

We hope to be a usefull tool for you and encourage our customers to let get some feedback on what you like or dislike, and on what you miss or would like to see and haven't yet in our clothing.

Thanks for visiting us, enjoy!!