The Creators Cajelne in November: Bond-Maid

Every month a bunch of us work on a special item inspired by a quote from the books, this month the quote mentioned the Torvaldland bonds and how their Masters dress them.

This is my vision of the bond-maid...a kirtle that can be worn up or down to show al the slaves beauty. Will be available at the mainstore until the end of the month for just 99L!!

June, kirtle & camisk

With several options to wear, June can be used by a bond or a kajira, long or short, clean version or worn out it comes with a mushroom basket..and AN ANIMATED MUSHROOM TO PRETEND YOU ARE PICKING THEM!!

Available in green, borwn, blu and mild wine, now at our Main Store :)

November Gift: Rajidah Pearls of Lust

Can be used as an accesory to enhance the Rajidah Silks set or just on its own as an extra hot and sexy compound, ideal for dances and slave exhibitions. One more month, thank you for being there and allowing us to create things we love :)

Indian Silks. Rajidah

With an indian inspiration, this silks and camisk set comes in vibrant saree colours from this enigmatic country. The leif motiv: pearls sensually ataching the fabrics to the body.
Availabe in turquoise, lime, fucsia (hot pink) and soft papaya orange, with a hand-made saree fabric composed with sveral silks to create the effect.

New skin: BRÖNTE

Avaiable in 3 tones (pale, fair and tan) it is ideal for avis with fair hair: blonde, red-hair or light browns. Each make-up pack comes in 4 versions: with and without partes lips, with and without ceavege enhancement.
The shape and eyebrow shaper, also in the pack, were specially designed for this skin, to give you the "look" you see in the pics and a pretty and proportionated body.
As the rest of our skins, the skin itself comes shaved and we include two tatoo layers for pubic hacer: strip and natural. Also 2 beauty marks included (above the lip and on the upper cheek).

Price without the group disccount is 799L.

Come try a demo!!

EMMA The Wagon Girl

Multiple possibilities to wear this design, ideal for a free woman from the wagon people, but suitable for may other roels aswell. Carries a barrel of bosk milk and comes in 4 colours: wine, orange, green and blue.
Some of you requested this type of dress through the poll ;)

Kajira with a musical touch: MARIAM

Ohoh...I just realised I did not up show you this camisk when it came out, and it's one of my favourites!! it is, lovely Mariam with her flute...delicately hanging from her neck, ready to be played for the pleasure of her Master.

Skin with parted lips: Thelma

Besides the usual 2 versions (with and without cleavage enhancement) this skin comes with an extra option with parted lips. Ideal for lighter brunettes or red haired avatars.

Thelma comes in 3 tones, each of which has 6 different makes to choose from.

Light ethnic skin: Carmen

She has this sort of sweet sensuality and a touch of ethnicity in her features, ideal for lighter brunettes or darker blondines.

Remember all our skins come minimum in 2 variations, with and without enhanced cleavage. They are shaved, but you also get 2 tatoo layers for pubes: natural and strip only.

New Skins: Barbara & Anna

We know every woman is different, and we all like to reflect in S a little bit of ourselves, sometimes we feel sweet, other times we feel sensual...well, this new SKINS are more to the wild, strong woman inside, similar, yet both designed for a different hair colour and range of skin tones.

Barbara is a passionate dark haired woman, Anna is a sensual and strong blonde. Check them out!

The cutest Lady: DAISY

A dress to fall in love with...or to make someone fall in love with you!!

Available in 4 soft pastel colours: curry, rose, mint and turquoise, with 2 skirts and 2 blouses to mix as you like, comes with a extra vintage underwear outfit, for those intimate moments in roleplay ;)

Delicious Skins are here!!

For a long time now I've been wanting to put some nice skins together for you...and the moment has finally come :)) Iam truly happy about this new adventure and excited to see how you fancy them. So far, we have 3 beautiful skins for you LEIRE, suited for brunettes, DELY, for blondes, and XARISE, for red-haired.

They all come in different skin tones and with a variety of make ups, which have been slightly modified to best fit the hair color (eyebrows and pubes match too ;) ) So, do not expect to them all to be the same, they are not, I have chosen the eyebrows and the shades very thouroughly in each one of them, I swear :)

Plus, each pack of these 3 skins include the fitting shape design especifically for the skin, 2 beauty marks (as face tatooes), and 2 pubic hair options (as ower tattoes) natural and strip. Every skins also offers 4 wearable options: with and without frekles, with and without enhanced cleavage.... they got everything for you to have an avatar as customised as possible!!

And the price? Wait for it.....JUST 799 each! Yep, we want them to be very affordable, quality and price can come together:

Here are some pics, but please visit the Main Store to see them all...we realy really hope you love them as much as we do.


(you know how much do goreans love red-haired women, right?)

Anushka: baking for a living...

Wear this to play a low cast girl in Gor or a joyfull peasant anywhere. Two skirts, with or without apron and a basket of recently baked bread to carry with you. Comes in fucsia, red, blue and green, vei and boots included :)


Dear Friends & Customers, (en español más abajo)

We are very happy to introduce you to...The Delicious Outlet!!


A Marketplace based online low-cost store (no shop inworld)...kind of an "afterlife" for some of our designs, and a firstlife for a new line.


- NEW BASIC OUTFITS, this means, outfits which are still cute and sexy, but with minimal accesories and extras. This outfits, created by us, specifically to be sold at the outlet.
- BASIC VERSIONS OF  DELICIOUS OUTFITS which are no longer for sale, or present a different color variation, or used to be bestsellers and we had to take away to make room.
- MOST IMPORTANTLY...ALL ITEMS ARE 50L !! (unless they are packs with more than one item)

*So far, we have been uploading slave attire, in the following weeks we will post dresses and clothing for different roles.*


Log into the Second Life Marketplace and search for DELICIOUS OUTLET, or use the following link:

Please, note that you will probaby have to log in to see the pictures, as Gor items and slave items are tagged for an Adult audience in the Marketplace.

We hope you like this iniciative, and that it helps you on those times when the budget is small.

Warm Greetings,

Dely & Leire


Queridas amigas y clientas:

Os presentamos DELICIOUS OUTLET!!


Una tienda online de bajo coste que sólo vende en el Marketplace (no hay tienda en SL), algo así como una "segunda vida" para algunos de nuestros diseños y una "primera vida" para una nueva línea básica.


- Atuendos BASICOS NUEVOS,  esto significa que siguen siendo lindos y sexy pero llevan los mínimos accesorios y no llevan extras.
- VERSIONES SENCILLAS DE ATUENDOS DE DELICIOUS, que ya no están a la venta, o que se hicieron en un color extra, o que fueron superventas pero tuvimos que retirar para hacer hueco a los nuevos.
-PERO, LO MAS IMPORTANTE...TODO TODO A SOLO 50l!! (savo que sea un pack que incluya más de un atuendo)

*De momento hemos preparado más la ropa de esclava, pero en las próximas semanas iremos subiendo vestidos y otros conjuntos para roles diferentes*


Entra en el Marketplace de SL y pon Delicious Outlet en el buscador o emplea el link directo siguiente:

Ten en cuenta, que por la política del Marketplace los objetos y atuandos goreanos o de esclavos se consideran adultos, así que no podrás ver la tienda sin logearte.

Esperamos que os guste la inciativa y que os ayude a llegar a fin de mes sin dejar de veros preciosas.

Un saludo cariñoso,

Dely y Leire

Mutiple purpose outfit: XARA

I can envision a panther girl, an outcast...even a kajira in the camisk shaped version. Can you? Lovely earth tones for this outfit: brown, cream, blac and white with an ethnic touch.

Silks and More: MEDEA

Wear it as mini silks, extremely sexy...or as super posh golden sequins camisk or even go to a party with the dress version ;) Coose among green, blue, purple and toasted version.


Available in blue, green, purple and red, truly elegant and with some edge. Perfect for gorean high castes or any old times roleplay.


Some friends are playing on a Sim for Red Savage and asked us if we could work something out for them, this is what we came up with. Red Savage Free Woman differ from the rest of the gorean FW. As you know, their looks and traditions are very similar to those of the Native American Indians. This lovely outfit, together with its typical adornments comes in their most usual colours: brown, beige, green and orange. With two skirts and a pair of trousers to reide on the kaiilas ;)

LIES IN RED: Kirtle & Camisk

A combi of camiks and bond kirtle in vibrant colours, comes with a breakfast serving tray and allows several combination to create you personal look. Available in red, green, blue and lilac.

Kajira Set: ILLARGI

Multiple combination for this outfit, a camisk, a set of silks and a baggy + top set inspired in 1001 nights. Comes in four colours: ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst.

ISCAH: the northern woman

I know how to keep warm and how to defend myself and my family...I'll be as tender as the snow to my kids, and as sharp as sharp ice with our enemies.

TIGRIDIA: the tigerlily of all panthers

Have you noticed I carry a baby tiger on my shoulder? I can be togh but I surely have my soft side too.

ROEWAN: lady at heart

3 different styles for your free lady, the romantic one, the practical woman and the one hiding behind her conceilment robes. Roewan has a strong personality...but she decides when to show it and when to flow with the tide ;)

JEZABEL : the exhibition kajira

She pleases her Master just by existing, by giving joy to his eyes when she smoothly moves or gently smiles....she has grace, she knows how to catch the eyes...she herself is a jewel among the slaves.

EVA: The watergirl

Do not just be pretty and stand are a slave..slaves work ;)...Your Master will be really pleased and may even buy you a bina later on. 3 different ways to wear it, as a short camisk, as a long kirtle and as a 2-piece slave rugs.