Jasmine Silks

Directly from India...travelling on a flying carpet...here she comes to seduce you with her charms. She wears cymbals in her fingers (with sound) to enriche her dances.

Slaves & Music

She's got rhythm in her body and her hand...and loves to make some noise! Carries a wearable drum with playing animation.

A Bond that loves animals

Chrissie, partly mesh, has a wearable bosk with a super cute animation, your slave will hug and caress the little bosk. With PG and adult tops.

Dresses for the ladies

Two different styles: the charming Serena with a mesh bolero jacket or the sober Eliza, both with a cute underwear set in vintage style.

Gypsy Silks

A blast of colours for this special dancing kajira, she wears a tambourine with 2 animations to spice up your role :)

The silks of a rebel: Priscilla

This boundaries-breaking silks and camisk set is suited for the more adventurous slaves..do you dare?

The Creator's Cajelne: Free Woman of Torvaldsland

With this design we have to take a brake on the Creator's Cajelne monthy list...sadly the organiser will be off SL for a while. But if you still want to grab this outfit, you can do so until mid january. Get this "based on the books" dress for just 99l :)

Back to the forest: Kendra

Wrapped in furs, authentic, dangerous, sexy, proud...that's our new panther girl: Kendra.

3 silks in 1: Jasmine

A silks set inspired in orient that brings you 3 complete silks to suit 3 different RP moments: dancing silks, short sexy silks and indian exotic silks. Available in unusual combination of colours. Everybody looks georgious on them!

A touch of roccoco: Marie Antoinette

A must for queens, princesses or posh high caste ladies. Two full dresses to combine plus a cute vintage underwear set for private moments. Super delicate textures that wil make you ook amazing :)

Babysitting Kajira: Lorraine

Two different looks for our babysitting kajira, the sweet camisk, with laces and cherries and the sexy see through camisk to entice her Master. Comes with a transfer baby (with baby-rocking animation) to use in your RP and a hair-brush to comb you hair and look your best ;)

Maternity Dress: Shioban

Shioban is expecting a baby, as her tummy grows, she needs comfy dresses to wear. 2 different skirts, 2 blouses and an oil painting set to practiser her favourite hobby, including a vesel to rez in world.