Bore was born as a bond in the coolest mountains of Torvalsland, winter has no secrets for her, as she knos how to keep warm, she is a proud and strong slave, passionate and fierce with her Jarl.

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25LT Trick Or Treat Crawl 2010

To show appreciation to our customers , we would like to offer you TREATS this scary season! 25LT will be hosting a Trick-or-Treat Crawl from October 25 through October 31, 2010. Each participating store has a special cauldron with a treat inside waiting just for you! And Delicious involved with the whole SPOOKY CAMISK (only 25L!)
 All you have to do is wear the 25LT Trick or Treat bag you received and make your rounds to the stores on the list. To view the list of merchants in this years 25LT Trick or Treat Crawl, please visit our website

Fall Fette auction winner

Helena Kabila was our highest bidder at the recent Fall Fette Week, organised by the 25LT Team. We auctioned a "custom made outfit" and this is what she chose:
A conceiled dress for a Green Caste gorean woman, but...being her favourite colour lilac, she asked it not to be "just boring green again" ;) So...attending to her wishes and her comments on the kind of dresses she fancies "I dont want to look like a pie, please no extra volume in the skirt" we designed this unique dress for her with shoes and accessorised bagpack to do her medical job. The dress comes with a camisk which can be used as underwear "make it simple and not to cheeky" she said "no showing boobs"...and so we did aswell :)
Also important is the fact that...she did not only decide how she wanted it to be...she will be the only person in sl wearing it, as it is a unique design!!

Anyway, this is her,Helena, possing happily with her well winned prize.

Congratulations and enjoy!

Dely & Leire


Ayana reaches for the free spirit fo the kajira, she kneels upon her Master not just because she has to..but because she wants to, out of real devotion. Flowers symbolise the jouful soul of this slave who looks stunning in her outfit.
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This ethereal lady is sweet and delicate, her lovely shape, disguissed by her robes,will only be revealed to the man who gives her protection and kindness.
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Yamile is a dancer at heart,she sometimes wears the sensual long skirt to dazzle her Master's eyes, and sometimes the short jewelled silks to tease him, she proudly shows her adorned breasts when she dances with passion on the pit with moves that can only be seen in Puerto Kar. Three styles in one go!

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Delicious Halloween Treat Hunt

Happy Halloween everybody!
We have created this exclusive Whitch Costume to make you look lovely and delicious this halloween, but the naughty dwarfs have hidden its pieces in 6 pumkins through our mainstore.
Play along with us find all six pumpkins and you will have your free "Delicious Treat" to show off this Halloween.
Happy hunt & good luck!
Dely & Leire

October gift for subscribers

As every month here goes your little present to say thank you for being there and supporting us.We hope you like it.


 Kaa is silent and dangerous...her pet is a poisonous snake which she carries everywhere Wrapped around her body...its soft cold skin embracing her calms her down and gives her company... choose your friend among four different gorean vipers.

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