Two complete outfits for the price of one, our water inspired Talia kajira outfit: a baths slave and a port slave, fully accessorised with binas, fishing rod, towel basket. Ideal and sexy for any kajira working in the baths in the baths girls version and Funny and cute for any kajira serving in a port city or an island.

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These silks and you are the perfect fit...sensual...elegant...naughty..all in one. Impress your Master with these original set of silks, we bet you he will like them...and he will like you even more in them ;)
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Alma was born in Laura, by the Northern Forrest, she was raised to know about wood and kettle, as brave as her brothers and companion, she will work hard or even fight to save her childrem, her people and her Homestone. But during long periods of peace she will just smile even under the worst weather and keep the honeymead at hand for his man.

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Nora is a bond with a strong personality, she won't let any other girl become her Master's favourite and she will gain his favour with her work and her passionate behaviour. Silk-girls make her lough, the only soft thing about her is her skin and her hair which she never forgets to pamper no matter the circumstances.

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December gift for suscribers

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Delicious Christmas Carrol

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