Sexy and perky or sensual and elegant...two different silks look for this all-round slave. Darah is a pleasure slave, her clothes, made out of the finest silks, are always ready to be ripped off. A "barely-there" tiny strap and playfull short silks to enhance your looks ;)

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Iduna takes her name from a viking goddess and she is just as joyful as she is, a happy low caste gorean woman or a medieval peasant can be played in this outfit. Comes with three different skirts a blouse and a bustier giving you plenty of possible combinations.

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Basheera has been al lady before, how she got her collar is a mistery, but discovering her fire has not completely erased her soft manners and her taste. The camisk caresses her skin softly, done in silk, comes in four colours as usual for you to choose the brilliant red is our front design.

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Una hunts in the northern forrest of Gor, she hunts to eat and wears the furry skins of the animals who meet her arrows. She is a protector who cares for the younger jerags in her camp, warm and motherly towards them..can be tough and hard with any men forced to serve them as slaves.

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