The Creators Cajelne in November: Bond-Maid

Every month a bunch of us work on a special item inspired by a quote from the books, this month the quote mentioned the Torvaldland bonds and how their Masters dress them.

This is my vision of the bond-maid...a kirtle that can be worn up or down to show al the slaves beauty. Will be available at the mainstore until the end of the month for just 99L!!

June, kirtle & camisk

With several options to wear, June can be used by a bond or a kajira, long or short, clean version or worn out it comes with a mushroom basket..and AN ANIMATED MUSHROOM TO PRETEND YOU ARE PICKING THEM!!

Available in green, borwn, blu and mild wine, now at our Main Store :)

November Gift: Rajidah Pearls of Lust

Can be used as an accesory to enhance the Rajidah Silks set or just on its own as an extra hot and sexy compound, ideal for dances and slave exhibitions. One more month, thank you for being there and allowing us to create things we love :)

Indian Silks. Rajidah

With an indian inspiration, this silks and camisk set comes in vibrant saree colours from this enigmatic country. The leif motiv: pearls sensually ataching the fabrics to the body.
Availabe in turquoise, lime, fucsia (hot pink) and soft papaya orange, with a hand-made saree fabric composed with sveral silks to create the effect.

New skin: BRÖNTE

Avaiable in 3 tones (pale, fair and tan) it is ideal for avis with fair hair: blonde, red-hair or light browns. Each make-up pack comes in 4 versions: with and without partes lips, with and without ceavege enhancement.
The shape and eyebrow shaper, also in the pack, were specially designed for this skin, to give you the "look" you see in the pics and a pretty and proportionated body.
As the rest of our skins, the skin itself comes shaved and we include two tatoo layers for pubic hacer: strip and natural. Also 2 beauty marks included (above the lip and on the upper cheek).

Price without the group disccount is 799L.

Come try a demo!!

EMMA The Wagon Girl

Multiple possibilities to wear this design, ideal for a free woman from the wagon people, but suitable for may other roels aswell. Carries a barrel of bosk milk and comes in 4 colours: wine, orange, green and blue.
Some of you requested this type of dress through the poll ;)

Kajira with a musical touch: MARIAM

Ohoh...I just realised I did not up show you this camisk when it came out, and it's one of my favourites!! it is, lovely Mariam with her flute...delicately hanging from her neck, ready to be played for the pleasure of her Master.