Fine lines, e rich brocade and elegant accesories for this sweet kajira, Parma, trained as a pleasure silk she can dance, serve, and please like noone else. She can be the perfect companion for her Master, she can be witty when he needs a challenge or silent and soothing when he just needs a rest.

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Koora has been a bondmaid all her life long, she is used to serving honeymead and hot sullage soups as much in winter as in the summer time, she can deal with anything and anyone, the only thing that makes her knees go weak is that deep look from his Master's eyes...then she's completely lost for she looses her will the moment he's near.

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This forest girl is a tramp, she sets her traps at night when the moons are up and gets her prices in the early morning when the Torvis shines timidly through the leaves of the trees. But be aware, she can also trap you with her dark huntress eyes and you will be doomed.

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