Olimpia is cheerfull and happy, to her everyday is sprintime, she shines amongs the rest of the slaves with her smile always ready, her own way to serve makes her unique and brings light to her Master, when He is with her, there are no sorrow, just peace of mind.

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Samsara is a southern dancing slave, her silks have been made from the softest fabrics, every bina carefully forged to attend her Masters most important guests. When she moves through a room is like she is dancing already, the silks floating softly around her, her feet tiptoeing over the floor.

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Edan is a bond, waht else can be said? Absolutely, totally bonded to her Jarl, she doesn't mind to sleep on the floor by her feet, as long as he is near, and he often respondes to her loyalty by welcoming her into his plushed furs by the fire. Yet she is only tough on the outside, her heart is caring and devoted like noone else's.

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Biko is hardly ever seen outside her forest, she loves being in the camp with her sisters, who are more than family to her, she defens her home and territory fiercly from strangers and she will fight you back to her last breath if you try to destroy her world...but leave her alone and she will live happily in peace lost in the woods.

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